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Tree Removal


Tree Removal Services

Cutting down or removing a tree is usually the last choice property owners and tree removal experts like to make.  It is also a very dangerous task and should only be done by professionals.  Maplewood Tree Experts realize there are good reasons to have a tree removed.

Reasons to have a Tree Removed:

  1. Tree is dead or dying
  2. Tree is storm damaged
  3. Tree is considered a hazard
  4. Tree is crowding out other trees or causing them harm
  5. Tree is blocking the way of future construction
  6. Tree is growing in a confined space, is near a home, utility lines etc.

The dangerous nature of tree removal demands significant expertise to not only successfully remove the tree, but to preserve the health and wellbeing of both property and property owner.

We are the Tree Expert of choice since 1975.  We specialize in the removal of trees inaccessible to equipment and otherwise too hazardous to climb.  Size or location is not a problem when it comes to tree removals.

We perform our duties on all terrain, in any environmental setting;

  • Steep slopes
  • Enclosed court yards
  • River banks
  • Rain
  • Sleet
  • Hail
  • Snow

Our well trained technicians are experienced in handling large tree take downs.  We have cranes, bucket trucks and well experienced climbers  to get the job done.

You should  check with your local township forester to determine if a permit is required to remove certain trees on your property.  Or, you can contact us.  We would be glad to assist you with the permit process.

Contact us at 973 762 5221   when you  need to have a tree or shrub removed.

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