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Tree Trimming Service



By definition, tree trimming or pruning is the removal or reduction of certain parts of the tree that are not required.

Beyond the definition, tree pruning is essential for the health and beauty of all tree specimens.  The proper pruning techniques will improve care for both young and mature trees and shrubs.  Moreover, pruning will maintain the integrity of form and enhance the characteristics of any tree or shrub.

Common benefits of pruning

  • Safety
  • Health of the tree
  • Enhance beauty
  • To remove broken or dead branches
  • Young tree development
  • Improved appearance
  • Mature tree restoration
  • To protect property
  • Storm damage
  • Prevent danger of falling limbs
  • Remove interference for vehicles and pedestrian
  • For improved visual access
  • Maintain privacy

When pruning for health and safety, the process involves removing dead and diseased branches and limbs.  By eliminating these problems in your tree’s canopy you improve safety.  Pruning also prevents decay and disease from effecting other parts of a healthy tree.

The thinning of the canopy through selective pruning allows air and sunlight to penetrate the tree, reducing wind resistance.   Maintaining a healthy canopy is important for the reduction and prevention of foliar disease.

Pruning after a storm is extremely important.  A trained arborist can remove damaged sections of a tree’s canopy and can also inspect and identify potential hazards that cannot be seen from the ground.

On ornamental trees, our technicians can prune and shape your tree to enhance the ornamental landscape, and improve curb appeal.

Trees planted too close to a structure can encroach on that structure, causing easy access for insects, wildlife, and other contact damage.

Proper pruning can remedy these issues, while still maintaining the integrity and aesthetics of the tree.  To find out more contact us at 973 762 5221.

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